Aerial Works – Helicopter transportation: our speciality

BLUGEON HELICOPTERES is undoubtedly the most well-known aerial works helicopter company operating in the French Alps. Its expertise has contributed to its reputation and today it is a reference in its field.

Le transport de charges est l’une des principales activités de Blugeon Hélicoptère : fixation de câbles électriques aériens, levage hélicoptère avec positionnement de charges, héliportage en Savoie et Haute-Savoie, Isère, Ain, Jura, Drôme, dans l’Oisans et tout le reste de la France.

Transporting loads is one of Blugeon Hélicoptère’s main activities: fitting aerial power lines, helicopter lifting operations with load positioning, rooftop helicopter transportation,… It is a work of great variety. Undertaking such work requires a lot of precision as many people work around our machines. As a result our equipment is state-of-the-art to guarantee an optimal safety for all the personnel on site.

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Adapted solutions

Customer satisfaction remains our number one priority. We propose the solutions bested suited to your needs and requirements.

Today, we are able to meet all your requests, using helicopters with a load lifting capacity of up to 5 tons daily (AS350 B3 + and E, Super Puma, Kamov, MI26,…)

Our expertise

  • Transport of a wide variety of loads
  • Avalanche triggering
  • Rooftop helicopter transportation
  • Helicopter cable laying and fiber optic cable installation
  • Helicopter lifting: load positioning
  • Mounting (pylon …)
  • Aerial power line fixing
  • Forest fire fighting (Bambi Bucket)
  • And in many other areas …

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Levage helicoptere et Heliportage Blugeon Heliportage & transport de charge Blugeon

Precision & security : Helicopter lifting

Load lifting and positioning are probably the most gratifying works for the lift pilot, as it requires precision skills and nerves of steel.

Imagine an object weighing over one ton swinging from a steel wire rope sling measuring 30, 40, 50, 60, 100 metres during helicopter load lifting operations. Imagine the skill required to slowly lower this huge load so as to fit in eight threaded rods of a concrete pillar. Routine can make us forget what matters: what the pilot has to accomplish during each operation, and many times in a day. Remeber this when you see the helicopter flying overhead but also rest assured that your safety is our main concern.

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