Helicopter services in mountain environments:


BLUGEON HELICOPTERS boasts over 30 years of experience. Christian BLUGEON, the founder of the company, totals more than 30,000 flight hours on all types of helicopters (Ecureuil, Lama, Alouette III, Puma, Super Puma …), providing helicopter lifting works services mainly in mountain environments. It is undoubtedly the reference company for light or heavy weight (up to 20 tons and over) helicopter lifting and positioning work in mountain environments. All our pilots have an extensive experience in the field of helicopter transportation in mountainous environments.

To operate helicopter transportation in mountainous terrain is the most difficult activity, as it requires a thorough knowledge of the sector due to quickly changing aerology, obstacles and other elements …

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This is BLUGEON HELICOPTERS main asset as it is a family run business where each member is familiar with the mountain environment and its activities. To preserve its expertise, BLUGEON HELICOPTERS passes on its expertise from father to son, including all aspects inherent to helicopter services in mountainous terrain. This is the guarantee of excellent safety and services for our customers.

« Your have a load, we have the means to lift it! »

Our bases are implanted in the heart of the Alps and enable us to propose our services over a geographical zone ranging from the North to the Southern Alps including Ain, Vosges, Jura, Ardèche, Corsica and more, and to remain available and responsive throughout the year.

We propose a wide range of activities. Thanks to our experience and a fleet of helicopters of different sizes we are able to offer turnkey services from small to heavy-weight load transportation.

Construction sites, work projects difficult to access, isolated areas, delicate positioning etc: we can advise you on the best suited technical solutions, working together to ensure the success of your projects.


  • Construction and maintenance of ski-lifts
  • Construction of mountain chalets
  • Construction and supply to mountain refuges
  • Dam construction
  • Trans Mountain Pipeline Construction
  • Acrobatic Works (roads Protection, cliffs, railway tracks,…)
  • Maintenance of forts and castles
  • Installation / removal of antennas
  • Pylon assembly or removal
  • Wood-hauling work
  • Lawn seeding
  • Gazex maintenance
  • Avalanche Triggering (PIDA)
  • Scaffolds helicopter transportation
  • Swimming-pools / Jacuzzi helicopter transportation
  • And many more…


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